How Heirloom Vegetables Combines Nutrition and Flavor

How Heirloom Vegetables Combines Nutrition and Flavor

If you’ve ever wondered what an heirloom vegetable is, you’re not alone. Since we started growing these types of vegetables more than a hundred years ago, we have been inundated with fascinating stories about how they grew and what they tasted like when they were newly harvested. One of the most popular stories concerns a Chinese farmer’s daughter who decided one day to give birth to two leafy green vegetables. She was quite unsure that they would thrive or even look the way they did when they got to that point, but she figured it might be worth trying out for her conscience sake. Her mother was dead by the time she got to them, but she brought some seedling which she spread across the fields to start them. Within a few days they were thriving and growing beautifully green and beautiful vegetables that would soon become the stuff of legend.

Heirloom Vegetables Combine Nutrition|

Today, we do still eat this story’s familiar tale about the poor peasant woman who saved a bit of this seedling from its basket to use as a decoration on her wedding day. But her story is far from the norm. These days we are all too busy to spend hours in the fields growing vegetables just to impress our friends and family. Luckily, there are some heirloom vegetables on the market that can help us make the most of those precious few minutes we get to spend in the kitchen. Heirloom vegetables combine great flavor with amazing health benefits, meaning that you can’t go wrong when you start growing these rare gems in your own garden.


You can start by growing the most common vegetables that we all know: onions, peppers, squash, cucumbers and broccoli. These are all easy to grow and will produce colorful flowers as well as tender leaves that can add a nice texture to soups, stews, salads and other dishes. If you want something with a stronger flavor, however, look for heirloom vegetables such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, garlic chives, potatoes and sweet potatoes. By using herbs, spices and minerals found in these vegetables, you can infuse a rich flavor into any dish that uses them, and they can even improve the health of your body.

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