Black Parents Particularly Need to Take Time For Self-Care

Black Parents Particularly Need to Take Time For Self-Care

How do we explain the phenomenon that a large number of Black Parents are now single parents? It seems that some genetic predispositions are at work here, or that some early life experiences led to that transition. Whatever the reason, there is a good deal of stress on black kids in families where there is very little or no parental guidance. I believe that some of these kids may be too mentally fragile to handle the rigors of parenthood. But there is also a larger group of black kids who were victims of racism and who were doomed to live with the consequences of their actions until they were rescued by the black civil rights movement.

Black Parents Especially Need to Take Time for SelfCare|


Where I am coming from, caring for kids is a huge burden, but it’s an enormous gift to be a parent. Black parents have been rescuing and caring for other kids of color for over fifty years. Now we are seeing the fruits of that labor manifesting themselves in our kids. We have to spend time in order to have quality time with our kids. The more time we can devote to each other the better the outcomes will be for all of us.


How can we as parents especially need to be concerned for the health and safety of our children? The answer is that all of us as parents should be concerned about the health and safety of our kids, but we must also recognize the responsibility that comes with that responsibility. In this day and age of school shootings, suicide attempts, and the horrible consequences of neglect, abuse, and violence, we as parents must be prepared to take care of our own safety and the safety of our children. There are many resources available to help us keep our children safe, and we must make sure that we use them.

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